This page is dedicated to information that we have obtained that has been communicated about the Lincoln Park area.

  • Around the early fifties in the back right corner of the playground, there was a mine shaft/hole where a little hill was at the corner of the ramps. Word was a boy and his dog fell in and died and they filled up the hole after that. The strange dirt that made up the ramps came from that mine hole-some sort of iron ore mine.                                                                                                 
  • During the 50s, it was rumored that a child fell in one of the sinkholes and died.
  • There was a farm near the school in the early 50s, believed to be the Hettinger Farm.
  • In the early 60s, sewers were installed and there were floods during that time that flooded basements.                                                  
  • Houses were moved in the late 60s/early 70s to make way for the bypass.
  • Hurricane Agnes in 1972 caused great flooding.
  • Jefferson Avenue was referenced to looking like a swimming pool.                                                             
  • Amherst Court by the tennis courts would flood anytime there was heavy rain.
  • The creek bed coming out of the woods where the tennis courts are now flooded so much that it was like a little river.                     
  • Run off from the mountain came down into the valley from Old Fritztown Road.
  • The Hettinger property was condemned in 1975.
  • There were tennis court apartments.
  • Some parents worried about the mine shaft and sinkholes in the fields and woods and wouldn't let their children play in those areas.
  • There was a known mine hole that had rocks and water at the rear right end of the playground.                                                               
  • A spillway was made from behind the tennis courts to where the Giant store is located now.                                                                     
  • Spring Township owns the athletic field and playground.
  • There were occasional field fires that would start up near Lincoln Park Elementary School. The fire department had to come out to put out the fires near the Florens.
  • It was announced in 2013 that West Wyomissing and Lincoln Park Elementary Schools were to be demolished.                             
  • The elementary schools have asbestos issues.

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